SIP Analytics

Fastest telecom fraud detection available

SIP Analytics® inspects each call before it begins. It’s the fastest way available to detect and prevent telecom fraud.

Many other fraud management software products analyze call detail records (CDRs) to detect fraud. But a CDR is created after the call is completed. That could be twenty minutes or more, and that's way too late. It's like locking the barn door after the horse has already been stolen.

SIP Analytics looks at each SIP INVITE record before the call begins. It only takes milliseconds. It catches telecom fraud attacks at the front end of the attack, rather than after they've been underway for awhile, generating expensive toll charges.

SIP Analytics blocks malicious calls incredibly fast

SIP Analytics is incredibly fast

How it works

SIP Analytics is very simple to set up. It works with any SIP-based telecom system. Just create a SIP trunk pointing to the software, then put that trunk as the first destination in the routing table. Your telecom network will send calls to the software as usual.

Instead of routing the call, the software will inspect the SIP INVITE for signs of trouble. If the call is fine, no trouble found, then the system will return a SIP 404 Not Found message. Your telecom network will then route-advance to the next destination in your routing table and send the call.

If a fraud trigger is generated, the software will return a SIP 603 Decline message. The telecom system will not route-advance, but will decline the call instead.

If routing is enabled, the software can return a SIP 302 Moved Temporarily to redirect the call to another route.

Software products with SIP Analytics

SIP Analytics is available in ClearIP and NexOSS software.

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