If you’re a voice service provider in the U.S. or Canada, you’re facing regulatory mandates and market pressure to prevent unwanted robocalls. This requires call authentication, and the accepted industry solution for that is STIR/SHAKEN.

  • Our STIR/SHAKEN solutions are the most affordable commercial software products available.
  • We have dozens of customers using them in their production networks.
  • Most of these deployments required very little additional investment, if any, in their existing networks.

“We still have a lot of TDM traffic. We started [ClearIP STIR/SHAKEN] with our Ribbon switchboard in release 14. We have zero cost [in it]. It works very well. We’re TRACED Act compliant today.”

— Dave Frigen, COO, Wabash Communications

TransNexus STIR/SHAKEN solutions

Our STIR/SHAKEN applications are complete, turnkey solutions that include everything a telephone service provider needs to deploy STIR/SHAKEN quickly and easily:

  • SHAKEN Certificate Services to provide and manage the certificates necessary to sign calls
  • Secure management of certificates and digital keys
  • Authentication Service, with flexible policy controls to provide appropriate attestation
  • Verification Service, with flexible policy controls for Call Validation Treatment, including:
    • Creation of the verstat parameter and/or update of caller display to show verification results
    • Policies to block or divert calls at the group and/or subscriber level

We provide everything you need. In addition, these turnkey solutions include leading-edge capabilities you might not find elsewhere.

“We’re running version 9.3 on our Metaswitch. We have a lot of TDM traffic. It was a simple process to get [ClearIP STIR/SHAKEN] up and running.”

— John Smith, COO, Blue Valley Tele-Communications

Out-of-Band STIR/SHAKEN call authentication

There are real-world issues that prevent successful transmission of the SHAKEN identity token across today’s telephone network. These issues limit the effectiveness of STIR/SHAKEN:

  1. Non-IP networks (e.g., TDM) cannot transmit the identity token.
  2. Some SIP network gear removes the identity token.
  3. Some SIP networks use UDP, which is prone to packet loss and fragmentation.

One solution to these problems would be for service providers to upgrade their networks. But such upgrades are expensive and time consuming, especially for larger, more complex networks.

There’s another way: Out-of-Band STIR/SHAKEN call authentication. With this approach, the identity token is sent separately, or out of band, across the internet. Everything else about the STIR/SHAKEN process remains the same.

TransNexus has developed Out-of-Band STIR/SHAKEN capability and includes it as an option in our STIR/SHAKEN solutions to help make STIR/SHAKEN benefits available to all subscribers and their providers. SHAKEN identity tokens can be sent in band, out of band, or both. This can be configured for subsets of calls, so you have considerable flexibility to send some tokens in band and others out of band.

“We are seeing some calls with a ‘[V]’ in front of the caller name [caller ID verified by ClearIP STIR/SHAKEN]. It surprised some of our customers. Once we explained what it means, that the caller ID was verified for that call, they were excited.”

— Rob Good, IT Director, Rhode Island Telephone

Out-of-Band STIR options

Rich Call Data

Rich Call Data is additional information about the caller sent in the SHAKEN token. The information is presented to the called parties, hopefully encouraging them to answer the calls.

We think this will be a game changer, especially for enterprises calling their customers. Imagine how helpful Rich Call Data would be in these situations:

  • A doctor’s office calls their patient to confirm an appointment.
  • A school clinic calls a parent to let them know their child is sick.
  • A delivery driver calls to confirm that someone is home to sign for the delivery.
  • A service contractor (e.g., plumber, electrician) calls to make sure someone is home to let the contractor in to do the work.

Rich Call Data provides a great opportunity for service providers:

  1. Service providers can offer Rich Call Data service to enterprise customers as a value-add.
  2. Because it’s built on STIR/SHAKEN, it’s secure. No spoofing.
  3. The enterprise customer provides the Rich Call Data, so it’s up-to-date and brand compliant.

TransNexus has included support for Rich Call Data in our STIR/SHAKEN solutions.

“Our customers can now see incoming calls verified with a special signature or certificate, letting them know they can trust what they see on their caller ID.”

— Joe White, CTO, Brightlink

Other robocall prevention measures

STIR/SHAKEN doesn’t prevent unwanted robocalls by itself—it prevents caller ID spoofing.

There are other call analytics techniques designed to prevent robocalls, but they are less effective when the calling number has been spoofed.

Effective robocall prevention requires both STIR/SHAKEN, to check for spoofing, and call analytics, which are much more effective when you know whether the number was spoofed.

These robocall prevention methods include:

TransNexus offers these services with our software products. They work great together.

“As soon as ClearIP services started, robocalls disappeared. Checking the email alerts from the CAPTCHA gateway, there were no false positives. Implementation was the easiest setup we’ve ever done. We received a very quick response to our inquiry, and setup was very fast.”

— Brian, Senior Voice Engineer, TelWare

The TransNexus difference

Rich Call Data—illustrative example

Our STIR/SHAKEN solutions offer distinctive advantages you might not find with other solutions:

  1. Works with any network
    • Most of our customers deploy our STIR/SHAKEN solutions with very little additional investment in their existing networks.
  2. Complete turnkey solution
    • You won’t have to source the necessary components from multiple vendors
    • Everything is tightly integrated
    • We provide a single point of contact for support
  3. Extensive experience
    • TransNexus solutions completed the ATIS test bed in 2017
    • First production deployment in 2018
    • Widespread production deployments beginning in April 2019
    • Many voice service providers are using our solutions in their production networks today
  4. Standards compliant
    • We participate in industry associations and follow the latest trends to respond quickly to keep our software up to date.
  5. Leading-edge capabilities
    • Out-of-Band STIR/SHAKEN call authentication
    • Rich Call Data
  6. Many other services are available in one tightly integrated package
    • Telecom fraud prevention
    • Robocall prevention (call analytics)
    • Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) prevention
    • Least cost routing
    • Analytics and reporting

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